CSP competition winner doesn’t like to be parted from her Mammoth

Better sleep

Earlier in 2016 Linda Jackson won a Performance Pocket 2000 as part of a magazine competition run by Mammoth. 

We caught up with Linda recently to find out how she was enjoying life on her new mattress. She told us her views on being a competition winner, handling the work–sleep balance and missing her Mammoth when she is away from it.

I have always aimed for 8 hours sleep at night but usually I only manage about 7. I would say that I enjoy good quality sleep in general, however. My typical bedtime routine involves reading for 20 minutes before bed before going straight to sleep.

As with most people nowadays, my work life is very busy and so I’ve always felt that a good night’s sleep is important to ensuring that my batteries are recharged and I’m ready to take on the next day.

Prior to receiving my Mammoth, I sometimes experienced carpal tunnel symptoms at night. This would cause me to wake up with numb hands. Since sleeping on my Performance Pocket 2000 these symptoms are now rare. 

Like most people, I also suffer from a sore back after excessive physical activity such as gardening or netball. But this too has eased on the Mammoth and has not been problematic at night recently. Having won the mattress in a competition I have to say that I was a little skeptical about whether or not I would see a great deal of difference between my previous mattress and my new one.

I have always been conscious of the importance of a good sleep surface and so my previous mattress had been of high quality with good postural support. Nevertheless, I have noticed a profound difference – the new mattress is so comfortable I really miss it when I am away from home.

I wasn’t familiar with Mammoth before the competition but I’m delighted that I now own such a great product that keeps me feeling healthy and allows me to wake up refreshed. I would definitely recommend it to friends and family as the support is excellent and it is so comfortable.

Thanks Mammoth.


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