The Ultimate Pillow

£89 - £99

Having the wrong pillow can really be a pain in the neck.
Whether you sleep on your front, back or on your side – we’ve developed the perfect pillow collection to ensure that you enjoy more good nights and more great days.
Featuring CosyPUR® Supersoft foam, our pillows are designed to provide a soft but supportive sleep surface that stays cool, fresh and clean night after night.

Everything that makes our lives softer and more relaxing has been incorporated in our CosyPUR® Supersoft: the result of the innovative vision of our product developers combined with our long-term expertise in the field of flexible foams, extensive testing and our comprehensive PU know-how.

The extremely welcoming quality of CosyPUR® Supersoft totally wins you over. This material possesses the high elasticity previously found only in latex products. Moreover, CosyPUR® Supersoft is extremely air permeable and with its special foam structure it ensures perceptible softness, elasticity, and a pleasant cool freshness. This combination makes CosyPUR® Supersoft a unique product.

CosyPUR® Supersoft flexible foam
– Exceptional air permeability, breathability and extraordinary elasticity across the temperature range
– Prevents the build up of heat and perspiration
– Outstanding durability

*Please be aware that we cannot accept returns on pillows

The Ultimate Pillow