Why You Need To Be Making Your Bed, According To A Sleep Expert

The act of making our bed in the morning might seem something small and not really significant. Sometimes we don’t do it because we’re in a hurry to get somewhere or simply because we’re feeling lazy. But the truth is that making our bed can be more important than we think! During her recent Q&A with Mammoth Dr Nicola Barclay, University of Oxford Sleep Scientist discusses how making your bed supports better sleep.

“Now, I think it is really important to make our bed, in the mornings when we get up out of bed. Firstly, to make that distinction between the night and the day, our brains like subtle visual clues and a tidy bed, indicates during the day that it’s not time for sleep.

But when it comes to bed time, how inviting is it when you see a nicely made bed, fresh linen, plumped up pillows, that luxury? We need to make our beds a shrine to our sleep, a place where we want to go to, a place where we can feel relaxed and make sure there’s no clutter in the bedroom reminding you of your daily tasks when you’re attempting to wind down.”

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The full Q&A session with Dr Nicola Barclay is available on our YouTube channel here.

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