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If you are looking to do more to support your staff – both in terms of keeping them happy and optimising productivity – then there is no better place to start than their sleep.

£40 billion

Cost to the UK economy in loss of productivity caused by lack of sleep each year.


Working days lost through poor sleep quality.


Improvement in employee sickness rates achievable through health promotion programmes.

A healthy and happy employee is one that is likely to be more energetic, more positive and more mindful. They are also less likely to suffer accidents caused by fatigue, slowed reactions and reduced coordination.

By supporting your staff to maintain good sleep patterns, utilising the best sleep tools, you can help to enhance productivity and reduce workplace accidents – ultimately keeping employees safer and insurance premiums down.

A well-rested workforce is also one that is less likely to suffer from mental health issues such as low mood, anxiety, stress and even depression.

We can help you improve employee wellbeing

Our Perks Business programme is designed to help employers like you to demonstrate your commitment to staff welfare and empower employees to make meaningful changes – both inside and outside of the workplace.


Perks Business gives employees exclusive access to advice and guidance from our team of experts. Our chartered physiotherapists, clinical psychologists, human performance specialists and sleep scientists can be an invaluable resource to your business through:


– Workshops
– White papers
– Blog articles
– E-newsletters

Exclusive Discounts

Through Perks Business your staff can access exclusive discounts on our award-winning mattress range. Derived from healthcare and developed in partnership with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, our mattress technologies are scientifically tested and proven to improve sleep.

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Who we work with:

“Dr Bloomfield squeezed a lot of material into our leaders brief. His presentation was very informative and enlightening. It is a really interesting topic and I have had very positive feedback from several of the leaders. Already we are discussing some simple changes”

– Philip Handley, MD – Caterpillar

“In partnering with Mammoth we see a great opportunity to build on the work we are already doing with private patients, employers and employees, with a keen focus on rest, recovery and rehabilitation”

– Phil Clayton, MD – Physio Med

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