Practitioner Interview: Fulham Back Care


Robert van Schalkwyk is a family and sports chiropractor based on Parsons Green Lane in Fulham. His clinic, Fulham Back Care, is renowned for its high standard of patient care and expertise in paediatric chiropractic care.

Having practiced for more than 15 years, Robert has experience of treating everyone from infants to the elderly to international sports teams. His clinic welcomes a broad range of patients from all walks of life, presenting with a host of different problems and conditions.

For many years Robert has looked for a mattress designed for the back – something that complemented rather than disrupted the work performed by health professionals like himself.

Having tried a number of different mattresses, Robert was still unable to find the right solution for his own back – and nothing he could credibly recommend to his patients.

It wasn’t until he came across the Mammoth range at Tudor Williams in New Malden, that he finally found a mattress that ticked all the boxes.

medical grade foam mattressRobert says:

“I tried all the big name and rather expensive brands. They were good, but not perfect for my back . . . and I am quite fussy. After losing hope that I would ever find a mattress that could tick all the boxes, I came across the Mammoth. And I’ve not looked back since.”

With an estimated 70% of his clientele at Fulham Back Care seeking care for lower back pain, neck pain, headaches and sports-related injuries, Robert has always been keen to promote the importance of proper musculoskeletal care in the home – not just on the treatment table.

“Typically, we spend most of our time at home in bed or lounging on a sofa. It’s for this reason that I advise my patients to pay particular attention to the furniture they install in the home and the posture they maintain while relaxing. Both areas must provide the best and correct support to our spine and body as a whole.”

Robert continues:

“Poor sleep has many negative effects on the body. From poor concentration to increased stress levels, changes in appetite and poor regulation of body temperature, the implications are actually quite profound. Even anxiety and clinical depression can be traced back to poor sleep patterns.

“Sleep deprivation can also affect coordination, putting active people at greater risk of injury.”

As Robert explains, much of the human body’s repair and development work occurs when we sleep, making it of paramount importance that people devote enough time to quality sleep on a comfortable surface. And it is for this reason that Robert plans to recommend the Mammoth range to his own patients in the future.

“There is nothing quite like it on the market as far as I can tell. The benefits speak for themselves, and as someone with a chronic lower back myself, getting on the mattress myself proved how much more comfortable it was to gain the right support.”

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Robert van Schalkwyk’s top tips for maintaining a healthy sleep routine

  • Get 8-10 hours a night
  • Switch all electronic devices off before going to bed, including your phone.
  • Sleep on a Mammoth
  • Don’t eat or drink within an hour of going to bed
  • Meditate for 10 minutes before switching the light out.
  • Sleep in a dark room with no lights on.
  • Keep a consistent routine – i.e the time you go to bed